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Giorgio Demicheli is an Italian glass artist, specialised in glass fusing techniques, particularly the fused Murano glass. He spent 10 years working with and learning from local and international craftsmen before setting out to found his own studio.Since discovering his love for creation of art and crafts,with the purpose to inherit and develop Italian traditional crafts, he put all his passion and only dedicated to realise his works through Murano glass.
The industry can copy products and design, but can not reproduce the emotions and feelings that the artist imputes the life into the works. Each piece is unique and unreplaceable. These emotions are perceived by the customer and create an invisible connection between the objects and the customer.

After more than 30 years working experience, Giorgio can enjoy and apply his technique ,creation and inspiration to realise his jewellery and sculpture through the combination between Murano glass and other materials with his unique design, coloration, form and line.
“Each woman is unique,the same as each piece of handmade jewellery ,their sensibility will lead them to find the one which has connection with her and belong to her, wearing it will enhence her charm and glamor from inside to outside.”Giorgio Demicheli
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